5 Essential Skills Required for A Commissioning Job

5 Essential Skills Required for A Commissioning Job

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The demand for filling commissioning positions in the oil and gas industry is on the rise internationally. Companies are seeking talented commissioning professionals, including engineers, supervisors, board operators, leads, and superintendents. There are jobs available in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Algeria, Canada, China, and other global countries. Majority of the jobs require specific requirements, such as, previous experience, education, certification and skills. The five key skills required for commissioning jobs are computer systems & software knowledge, communication, leadership, analytical, and problem solving.

Computer Systems & Software Knowledge

Applicants pursuing commissioning positions are required to possess prior experience using different computer systems and applications. Oil and gas companies use various systems, including CAD, Yokogawa, Distributed Control, TOSTR, DCS, RDS, and Zenator. The years of experience using computer systems differ based on industries’ requirements. Basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office are important skills as well.

Communications Skills

Communications skills are necessary for applicants to be considered for commissioning jobs offered by most companies and industries. Applicants are expected to have proficiency in English, especially written, verbal and reading expertise to apply for engineering, supervisor, superintendent, and lead commissioning positions. It is essential in the workplace environment to increase productivity and performance. Microsoft Office skills are significant for written and reading communication purposes.

Leadership Expertise

Leaders of an organization include executives, managers, supervisors, and superintendents. They must possess certain characteristics to supervise and manage a department. Leaders are expected to have years of experience delegating duties and responsibilities to subordinates. To apply for supervising and engineering commissioning positions, the applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree. Applicants may be requested to have certification to operate and maintain equipment.

Analytical Expertise

Analytical skills are important to help improve the environment, safety, and risk management systems of the oil and gas industry. Applicants applying for engineering positions are required to know analytical procedures and tools to recognize and resolve problems. The commissioning job may also require expertise to diagnose issues through data collection and analysis. Other requirements may include responsibilities of organizing data and performing extensive research.

Problem Solving Efficiency

Critical thinking is fundamental for resolving problems to analyze various situations in the workplace and to resolve issues concerning equipment. Important problem solving skills are the ability to quickly identify, understand, resolve, and effectively explain issues. To resolve problems in the workplace, the issue is carefully evaluated and managed to make critical decisions. Resolutions are implemented, monitored and reviewed regularly to determine improvements and success.

When applying for commissioning jobs in the oil and gas industries, applicants should consider the skills requirements. If the skills don’t match the company’s job description and duties, resumes are normally rejected for that particular position. Skills using computer systems and in communication, leadership, analytical, and problem solving are essential to apply for commissioning jobs. The applicant is also required to have prior experience, education certificates, and/or professional certifications.

5 Essential Skills Required for A Commissioning Job
5 Essential Skills Required for A Commissioning Job
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