Instrument Technician Jobs KSA

Instrument Technician Jobs KSA


  • Preparation for inspection and testing by Interpretation and compilation of all engineering documents including datasheets, P & IDs, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Loop Drawings, etc.
  • Inspection of Instrumentation installation and cabling prior to acceptance from construction.
  • Hands on testing of all types of Field instrumentation including Temperature, Flow, Level and Pressure Transmitters.
  • Hands on testing of all types of Fire and Gas detectors and panels including setting up of open path flammable gas detectors.
  • Pre-Commission/Commission Instruments, Process Control and Shutdown Systems including Safety Systems and PLC systems both in field and on mechanical package units and Stand-Alone units (MAC, SWAS System)
  • Ensure that the instrument and control content of the dossiers is accurate and complete before they are accepted from construction and before they are submitted to operations department.


  • Must have worked and executed Industrial Gas upstream projects and experience to include minimum of 8 years testing and commissioning.
  • Strong general technical/engineering trade skills and knowledge of good engineering practices in instrumentation and measurement and use of standard tools and test equipment.
  • Interpretation of engineering documents including datasheets, P & IDs, cable block diagrams, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Loop and termination diagrams, Functional logic and I/O lists etc.
  • Familiarity with Industrial gas safety practices, Permit systems, toolbox briefs.
  • Familiar with the application of loop handover Systems for the control of Pre-Commissioning activities (Check sheet and punch list completion etc.).
  • Familiar with the concept of Commissioning Systems, Siemens DCS, PLC and Hart Communicators.


  • Basic computer skills with modern day PC application packages.
  • Flexible on work locations and willingness to work outside discipline when required.
  • Ability to interface with multi-discipline company and contractor engineering personnel, fabrication, installation, hook up and commissioning teams.
  • Cultural awareness and the ability to work with individuals from different nationalities


  • Inspection and Calibration of instruments prior to installation.
  • Control and Instrument system inspection and punch listing prior to acceptance from construction.
  • Control panels, instruments and cable installation checks and testing (Continuity, insulation resistance etc.).
  • Pressure test of impulse tubing, flushing of remote-control valves, hydraulic tubing etc.
  • Experience in Master calibration instruments.
  • Full energized loop checks from input device to output device.
  • Function check of control loops from PLS, DCS, SIS & ESD systems.
  • Fire & Gas Loop device loop checks.
  • Cause & Effect / Integration testing to all ESD / DCS / SIS / F&G devices.
  • Assist with raising of PTW, JSA, toolbox briefs etc.
  • Assist in set up of systems for dynamic commissioning by de-isolations, normalizing of controls, temporary overrides reset of trips.
  • Take operational readings and tuning of controls during dynamic commissioning
  • Strip, and overhaul of instruments, control valves and re-instatements etc.
  • Preservation of equipment under the control of commissioning group.
  • Complete ITR check sheets and punch lists and enter in Project closure Software’s example PCA, GO Completion.
  • Assist in preparation of handover documentation, dossiers, redline mark ups etc.

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